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Welcome to Lucky H Pipes.

Handcrafted tobacco pipes by Chris L. Hendrick

In early 2014, I began my journey into the craft of creating tobacco pipes. I realized that many of the skills I've learned and developed to create and finish fine writing instruments, were the same needed to create tobacco pipes. After a few failed attempts, things started to come together, and the pipes I was creating were rivaling the beauty and quality of my personal collection of name brand pipes. With that realization, Lucky H Pipes were born. At Lucky H Pipes, I create one of a kind pipes that are very pleasing to the eye and that also smoke beautifully. I rarely create a pipe that has an entirely smooth finish. Likewise, I rarely produce a pipe with an all rusticated finish. Typically, I'll try to find a natural balance between the two on each pipe. I tend to not get caught up in standard pipe shapes when I create a pipe, as in my mind, each block of briar is unique and will yield an equally unique pipe with its own shape and style. The shape may be loosely based on a specific pipes shape, however, creativity takes over, and similarities typically end there.

I also don't always create stems entirely from ebonite. Many times I will add acrylic bands separated by thin aluminum rings. I've utilized various colors with my bands and at times have used additional briar for bands. Each stem is adorned with an 1/8" brass dot on the left side.

The first 17 pipes crafted at Lucky H Pipes are stamped with a Four Leaf Clover, H (side by side), the last two digits of the current year and the pipe number for that particular year. With my 18th pipe I began using a custom stamp shown below. Also on each pipe the last two digits of the current year and the pipe number for the year are stamped.

At this point in time, Lucky H Pipes will only be offered on Ebay. Check my Ebay profile for currently available pipes.

You can also find us on Facebook at

If you have an idea for a pipe and do not want to wait for my next offering to show up on Ebay, then drop me a line and have me craft one for you.

If you've purchased a Lucky H Pipe, we'd love to hear some feedback from you.


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Customer feedback.

Beautiful work of art! Thanks - A. Wilson, Houston, Texas

Awesome pipe brother - D. Stuart, Cape Coral, Florida

Very nice! I'll be in touch for another - P. Hopkins, Chester, Virginia

Love the craftsmanship Chris. Thank you - S. Horan, Manito, Illinois

Great smoker man. Very nice work - D. W., Katy, Texas

A true craftsman. The custom pipe maker maestro - d******e (Ebay)

Completely awesome, super amazing unique pipe - a*****e (Ebay)

Pipe looks amazing. I cannot wait to try it out - w****O (Ebay)

Wonderful pipe, such nice detailed work, thank you - a***d (Ebay)

Suberb pipe beautifully crafted - a***d (Ebay)

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