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Hendrick Wood Creations...A little about me...

I've been interested in woodworking for many years. If I had to guess, it most likely comes from my grandfather. I remember thinking his wood shop was the coolest place. There were tools and machines I had no idea how to use, scrap wood piled in corners and in drums, and there was sawdust everywhere. It was quite the place. As I got older, I started seeing things, projects and creations, and said to myself, "I could probably make that". Many times working through every aspect of the project in my head over the next few days or weeks, depending on the project. Other times I might just jump right in. Once I had a space to work, I compiled tools as needed for specific tasks. One recent addition to things in the shop, and the most important, is my wife. We've started crafting reclaimed wood signs and seasonal decorative items. I do the wood working aspect of things and she handles all the painting. This works out very well, as I am not a fan of painting, and she rather enjoys it. Another plus is we bounce ideas off each other until a project comes together and a path forward is realized.

Our creations are each stamped with "Hand Crafted by Hendrick Wood Creations" and dated with the year. Some one of a kind items, with also have the makers mark as shown below.


 Chris L. Hendrick

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